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What Does Net Neutrality Mean to You?

by | Dec 4, 2010 | 0 comments

It’s been almost 7 months since Bill Moyers has left the PBS airwaves. It was a sad day for me.

I grew up with Bill and his PBS presence. He was for me the rare, insightful voice of reason and balance in a world that my young mind found contradictory, corrupt, and just plain wrong. He found and presented a dialogue that expanded my understanding and tempered my instinct to completely rebel against the status quo. He brought some balance to my perspective.

We need more journalists like Bill Moyers.

This video is from Bill’s second to last broadcast of the PBS series “Bill Moyer’s Journal”. I find it particularly poignant for both of it’s two major topics:

  1. The 2008 Wall Street Financial Debacle
  2. Net Neutrality

It seems that the first topic has been swept under the “collective unconscious” rug by now. And the second topic is about to go the same way unless there is a greater popular effort to prevent it.

I don’t know how to properly emphasize the extreme importance of Net Neutrality to us all, other than to make this post and urge you to view this video. So, please view this video, make your comments, and engage in some dialogue about this critically important issue for our democratic future.



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