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Visualizing Market Trends with StockTouch

by | Mar 25, 2012 | 1 comment

Visual Data of 9 Market Sectors

Visual Data of 9 Market Sectors

I received a review copy of StockTouch a week ago and thought I’d quickly share some of my thoughts about this iPad/iPhone app.

First, while I do trade online, I am by no means a professional trader nor do I pretend to offer any financial advice. With that said, I can also admit that I’ve seen a large number of tools and techniques for trading stocks over the 15 years that I’ve been trading online. But up until now, I haven’t seen this type of visual data approach to stock trends like StockTouch before.

A quick glance gives you a big picture analysis of the stocks being monitored. You almost need no explanation. Brighter colors represent higher levels; darker colors represent lower levels. These levels can represent Price, Change, Volume, Price compared to S&P, and Price relative to average Change.

You can arrange the data in each sector by Large to Small, Market Cap, Winners, Activity, and Alphabetical. You can also look at various time periods ranging from 1 day up to 5 years.

Favorite stocks pop up in the display.

Favorite stocks pop up in the display.

StockTouch also lets you create Favorite stocks and then represents those Favorites by making them pop from the data display.

If you want to dig down to another level of information about the specific stock, simply tapping on the stock symbol will reveal even more detailed information with a graph and links to the latest news about the stock.

A detailed view of a particular stock.

A detailed view of a particular stock.

The interface of StockTouch is done well, and this type of visualized data is well-suited to mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone. In the morning, while sipping my coffee and perusing the news, I can quickly get a feel for how the market is reacting. I can also quickly check up on some of my stocks.

I say “some” of my stocks because StockTouch is limited in which stocks it tracks. Their website claims it tracks 1,350 stocks in 9 sectors. If some of your stocks are not included in that 1350, then you’re out of luck for now. Hopefully the folks at Visible Market will find a way to add the option of tracking additional stocks.

StockTouch is available for $4.99 at the App store.

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  1. fl production company

    very cool app! I am going to go hunt it down! Thanks for the information!


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