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Development for the iPhone has really taken off since Apple’s release of the SDK (Software Developer Kit). However, if you’d like to take advantage of developers who have released applications for the iPhone not officially blessed by Apple, you may want to Jailbreak your iPhone. And, if you’d like to use your iPhone with a service other than ATT, you may want to unlock it.

Fortunately, there is a relatively easy way to do this. The good folks over at iJailbreak have created a cool little installer that does all the work for you. It about 3 minutes to both jailbreak and unlock your iPhone. Once done, you’ll notice the addition of an Installer icon on your iPhone.

Click on this icon to enter the installer, where you can intsall, uninstall, and update a large collection of applications for your iPhone.

The list of available applications is huge, and growing.

In future posts, I will begin to review some of my favorite third party applications.

Also noteworthy, iJailbreak will unlock your phone. Although I haven’t tested this myself, there are numerous reports from folks who have successfully used the iPhone with non-ATT services.