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TuneWiki, Synchronized Lyrics For Your iPhone

by | Apr 16, 2008 | 0 comments

The first iPhone application I’d like to highlight is a whimsical one.

TuneWiki is a free and easy to use music player that allows you to play songs from your iTune library on an iPhone or Touch and see synchronized lyrics. I’m not a particularly big fan of karaoke, but TuneWiki essentailly turn your iPhone/Touch into a portable karaoke player.

My interest in this application stems more from sometimes wanting to know the lyrics to a particular song while I’m listening to it. Also, this strikes me as an interesting and good use of a wiki community. The TuneWiki wiki site has announced that the Universal Music Publishing Group has granted the wiki community permission to legally view all of the Universal Music Publishing catalog of North America.

Check it out: TuneWiki


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