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I did it. I bought one.

I have been feeling angst about buying the iPhone since before they were introduced. It just seemed like too much money. But when Apple announced the 16GB iPhone, along with the promise of the SDK for developers, I decided to go ahead and get me one.

It’s beautiful.

It arrived last weekend. The activation process was simple, easy, and all done from iTunes on my laptop at home. This should be a model, studied in business courses throughout the world, on how to make the customer experience a pleasant one. Since I was already an AT&T customer, the process took all of 5 minutes. A buddy of mine who switched from Verizon said the process was equally easy, taking about 20 minutes (including porting over his addresses).

Apple should be announcing some very cool new apps for the iPhone in the next 2 weeks. Since I couldn’t wait, I have already started experimenting with loading several 3rd party applications. Over the next week or so, I will be posting here about what apps I found particularly useful, and the process I used to load them.

Stay tuned…