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I expected a change in mood for this year’s MacWorld, and that is what I found.

First came the news that this would be a Steve-less MacWorld. Then, Apple announced that this would be their last year at the event. This double sucker punch to Mac fans couldn’t help but change the normally happy and excited event to a somber and dour chore.

Well, ok, it wasn’t quite that bad, but the crowds were way down this year. The MacWorld Expo folks tried to minimize the poor turnout by cleverly pushing in the dividing curtains on either side of both halls to make it seem fuller. Many vendors were saying that booth sales were sharply down.

I’m hoping that these changes are merely signs of an Apple evolution. Perhaps now, with so many Apple Stores around the country, Apple no longer needs the exposure and display area that MacWorld once provided. Maybe Apple no longer needs the MacWorld events to showcase new product announcements. And just maybe, Apple will be announcing their new products more frquently.

I’m still waiting for the new, more powerful Mac Mini, a new AppleTV, and the Kindle-killing large iPod-like device for reading electronic books.

As for MacWorld 2010, if enough vendors sign on to showcase their cool products, I’ll be there.