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3 MacWorld 2008 Rumors and Predictions

by | Jan 7, 2008 | 1 comment

There are a fair number of predictions this year for MacWorld Expo 2008. They begin each year in December, then reach a fever pitch in the weeks before the expo. I won’t go over all of the predictions and rumors I’ve come across, but I will offer here a few of the more interesting ones I’ve seen.

MacBook Tablet
This rumor has been made on several sites, each with an interesting take on what form this tablet will take. Common to all the predictions is that is will be small (13″), thin, and a tablet. Here is an interesting video of what form it might take:

Next Gen iPhone
The other rumor I am particularly fond of is the unveiling of the next generation iPhone. Among the most important features of this new iPhone will be 3G wireless technology and the unshackling of its service to the AT&T network. Also, look for some interesting new apps to be introduced for the iPhone.

Mid-Range Mac Desktop
This last rumor is also one I’ve been wishing for: a mid-range, easily upgradeable desktop Mac position between the iMac line and the Mac Pro line. This should be at a price point that makes it attractive for the PC switchers.

See you at MacWorld!

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  1. Elise

    Hey there Mac-Man, I love the way you keep me up to date. Keep it up! Maybe I’ll see you at MacWorld:-)


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