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MacBook Tablet Finally Shipping

by | Jan 2, 2008 | 1 comment

modbook.pngThe Axiotron Modbook was originally announced almost a year ago at MacWorld Expo 2007. At that time, this after-market hardware modification, done by a team of German and American engineers, created quite a buzz.

This mod is built primarily for mobile users, artists, or anyone who wants to draw and write directly on the screen. It uses OS X’s built in handwriting recognition software. It comes with an iSight built in, integrated CD/DVD combo drive that can be upgraded to a DVD burner, and a Global Positioning System. Yes, a GPS system, which turns this puppy into a nice, large-screen, in-car navigation system!

The top shell and interior display frame are built from magnesium alloy. The LCD panel and iSight camera are protected by replaceable screen covers made from chemically strengthened ForceGlass

1 Comment

  1. eve

    What a hot little Laptop! I would love to have that!


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