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I’m still waiting for the dust to settle before I get the new iPhone.

An article in today’s L.A. Times takes Steve Jobs to task for suggesting that competitor’s handsets share the same antenna issue that plagues the iPhone 4. It’s a little disappointing to hear that Jobs has chosen to handle this issue by attacking the competition; even if what he suggests is true. Since when does Apple want to set the bar that low?

The signal issue seems to be mitigated by simply putting the iPhone into a protective skin. I thought that most people get skins for their iPhones anyway. Maybe not. But this suggests that Apple should have provided a suitable skin with each iPhone from the beginning.

I felt the same way about the iPad. The naked iPad is, in many ways, a design failure. It is not comfortable to hold and is awkward on both a table or the lap. However, Apple’s iPad cover is a design success, and transforms the iPad into a comfortable, usable device. Apple should have provided the cover as part of the purchase price of the iPad.

A while back, Apple stopped providing video adapters with their laptops. I was surprised and disappointed when I learned of this. What’s next? Will the power cord soon become an optional, extra purchase?

Obviously, I’m still a huge Apple fan. But I’m concerned that Apple is beginning to engage in some of the same less-than-honorable practices of many of its competitors. I expect more from Apple and Jobs.

Perhaps Apple will learn a valuable lesson in this latest public relations failure.