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Introducing the Apple Card Savings Account on iPhone

by | May 6, 2023 | 0 comments

Apple has introduced yet another innovative feature to its arsenal of financial services, the Apple Card savings account. This feature is exclusive to Apple Card users and offers a high-yield savings account through its partnership with Goldman Sachs. The savings account is aimed at helping users save money more efficiently and conveniently, all while earning competitive interest rates.

One of the most significant benefits of the Apple Card savings account is the high interest rate it offers. Currently, the account provides a 4.15% APY, which is much higher than the national average for savings accounts, making it a more attractive option for users who want to grow their money without taking on excessive risk. Additionally, the savings account provides the opportunity to earn interest on the Daily Cash cashback balance and other deposited money, adding an extra layer of profitability.

The integration of the savings account with the Wallet app on the iPhone is another standout feature. This integration provides users with a seamless experience when managing their savings, with the ability to monitor their balance, transfer funds, and track their savings goals directly from their iPhone. The app also offers personalized recommendations on how much users should save each week based on their spending patterns, making it easier to achieve their financial goals.

The Apple Card savings account’s fee structure is another reason to consider it. There are no fees associated with the account, making it a more affordable option for users looking for a low-cost savings account. This means no monthly maintenance fees, minimum balance requirements, or transaction fees, reducing the cost of saving money.

Apple has also implemented several security measures to ensure the safety of the savings account. The account is FDIC-insured up to $250,000, meaning that deposits are protected in the event of bank failure. Additionally, the account is protected by two-factor authentication and Face ID or Touch ID, ensuring that only the account holder can access the funds.

The Apple Card savings account offers users a high-yield savings account with a competitive interest rate, seamless integration with the Wallet app on the iPhone, no fees, and robust security features. The savings account is an excellent option for Apple Card users looking to save money in a more efficient and convenient way while promoting financial wellness.


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