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In-Browser Chat with Meebo

by | Jul 30, 2007 | 0 comments

meebo.pngThis is a great lightweight web app (web 2.0) for creating chat windows on your web pages. It’s a barebones chat environment, but it gets the job done for simple and easy in-browser communication. And, the best part is that it’s free — as in lunch.

The 3-step process is really quite simple and fast.

First, create the look and feel of your chat window.


Second, you enter simple login, password and email information.


Third, you copy and paste the generated code into your web page.


The resulting window looks like this:


This is a great way to create a chat window on your web page that doesn’t require the user to install software or create a login account. I’m seeing more and more organizations use this for customer support and help points on their sites. It’s useful for sharing information, and giving quick advice and assistance on both hardware and software issues.

Check it out: Meebo


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