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As part of my WordPress obsession these days, I have begun to look closely at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and many of the other aspects of web analytics.  I am, admittedly, a relative newbie in this area.

Web analytics is a critical component of developing a successful business site. Without it, you are making important decisions about your site without relevant information about the behavior of your visitors. If you are like me when I first started, I installed the Google Analytics script and began watching my site’s traffic. But I didn’t go much beyond looking at the traffic, the referrers. and maybe some of the keywords. But there is so much more. Google Analytics is really quite deep, and the information is rich.

I don’t have the resources now to hire an expert analyst, so I decided to do some research on sources of information about web analytics. I’ve looked at dozens of books and hundreds of websites.

One of the best books for someone wanting to get up to speed on web analytics is “Web Analytics 2.0”, by Avinash Kaishik. This guy not only knows his numbers, but he brings a true sense of joy and excitement about web metrics. With a crisp, confident, and occasionally humorous writing style, Avinash helps you navigate the tools and methods of interpretation necessary for gaining insight to your website’s visitors. I never realized just how much information could be extracted from a free tool like Google Analytics.

Throughout the book, Avinash emphasizes that you should focus on customer behavior, and not on aggregate numbers:

“Measuring the number of Visits to your site during a month is interesting… What’s more valuable is focusing on a behavioral metric like Bounce Rate because it measures, as you already know, the customer behavior: ‘I came, I puked, I left’. “

Web Analytics 2.0 is a must read for anyone wanting to gain a clearer (and more valuable) picture from their website’s numbers. I highly recommend it.