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Learn to create sustainable business websites.

Learn to create sustainable business websites.

Online storage sites are popping up everywhere. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a free online storage site that offers up to 500MB of free space for file storage. But, for Mac users with a Gmail account, there’s another possibly better solution. gDisk turns your Gmail account into a personal, online file storage system. And now that Gmail is offering free accounts with almost 3GB of storage, this solution is nothing to sneeze at.

The gDisk interface is simple and intuitive. You login via the gDisk interface using your Gmail login/password.


Once in, you may create as many “labels” (i.e., folders) for your files as you like. You are spared having to view all the other email and files that may already be apart of your Gmail account. You may upload files by simply dragging the file over top the gDisk window, or using the Upload button at the top. Downloading is equally simple.


Your Gmail email account remains intact and still functions well as an email account. The one difference you’ll notice is that your Drafts folder is where the all the gDisk files are stored.


This is an excellent solution for folks who want a quick and easy 3GB of online storage.

Check out gDisk: gDisk