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Apple’s October Event: What is coming?

Apple’s October Event: What is coming?

All signs are that Apple will be announcing new iPad Pro models with M2 chip and some new Mac models also powered by the M2 chip.

Of particular interest is the possibility the a new line of MacBook Pro models with the M2 chip. There is also a rumored Mac Mini with the new M2 chip.

Although Apple TV is due for an update, it is unclear whether this will be included in Apple’s October event.

Also due for an update are the iPadOS and MacOS (Ventura). The release dates of these operating systems be be announced at the October event.

Beware of iOS 8.4

Beware of iOS 8.4

One of the biggest reasons I never apply an OS update from Apple as soon as it is released is because I don’t want to lose functionality.

Sometimes an Apple update just breaks things. This has happened often enough to make me wait until it’s discovered and fixed. But increasingly, Apple has secretly eliminated features or functionality in order gain a financial benefit. It appears this has happened again with the iOS 8.4 release. Home Sharing has been quietly cut from iOS 8.4. If you update, you will no longer have the ability to stream audio from iTunes from your Mac OS X computer to iPhones, iPads, and iPods for free.

Rumors are that such an uproar from the Apple community has convinced Apple to return the feature, but not until iOS 9. So if you don’t want to lose this capability, stay away from iOS 8.4.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

I’m excited about Apple’s new iPhone 6. I will probably upgrade my iPhone 4s in a few weeks when they become available. I’m not sure about the iPhone 6 Plus. I don’t think I want to be carrying around a small iPad mini in pocket.

I am especially excited about the new 8MP camera with an f/2.2 aperture and the ability to capture 1080p HD and 60-fps and 240-fps for slow motion video. (I wish the 240-fps worked at 1080p, but sadly it’s only at 720p.) I am also eager to see how well the video stabilization works.

The disappointment for me today was the Apple Watch.

I’m not sure that this is really a market that Apple will be able to revolutionize with this watch. I’ve become quite comfortable not wearing a watch and relying on my ever-present iPhone for time and everything else. The fact that you need an iPhone for the watch to be useful just strikes me as Apple just not thinking through the reality of how people will use the devices.

I think there is a market for wearable health monitoring devices, but I think something more like the $100 Fitbit is the way to go. I can’t think of even one of my friends or family that will spend $350 for a watch that needs an iPhone to be useful.

If Apple’s stock price is any indication, there are other people out there with similar reservations about this direction for Apple. I doubt that Steve Jobs would have released this Apple Watch on his watch.

Judge Decides Samsung Galaxy “Not Cool”

Judge Decides Samsung Galaxy “Not Cool”

Galaxy Not As CoolSamsung won the Apple patent suit in court. But it may wish it hadn’t.

A judge ruled that Samsung was the victor in a patent infringement lawsuit brought by Apple. Apple filed the suit claiming that Samsung had copied it’s iPad and iPhone designs in their Galaxy tablet. But the judge in this case determined that Samsung Galaxy tablets “do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design,” and therefore the “overall impression produced is different.” Samsung’s products are simply “not as cool” as Apple’s.


Google Instant: Good For Google; Bad For Us

Is censorship here?

It’s clear why Google has released Google Instant: more profit.

Anyone who’s used it realizes that it’s more of a nuisance than a help. It’s much like the annoying auto features in Microsoft Word. It just gets in the way.

But it’s even worse than that. Google Instant is effectively censoring searches by encouraging its own search terms. Not surprisingly, the suggested search terms are the ones that Google sells for a premium.

This is also bad news for folks that have put time and effort into SEO. People will not see the same web anymore with Google Instant. Instead, what they will see is the web based on Google’s keyword suggestions; not their own. Imagine the control that Google will enjoy once they can limit people’s searches however they wish.

Censorship can come in many forms and in varying degrees. Has Google taken one step closer to being in the business of censorship?

Apple iPad

The iPad? Really, Steve?

That is one epically bad choice of names. I over-heard one female colleague suggest that it may be the first pad that most males won’t feel ashamed to purchase. I’m not sure that I’m convinced…

Apple is making a bold statement about the viability of micro-niches with the iPad. Wedging open the position between the iPhone and the MacBook, Apple seems to want to take on the NetBook and Kindle markets in one fell swoop. One elegant and well-thought-out swoop.

The iPad hits most of the major sweet spots for such a device. It has the horse-power, the graphics capabilities, the form-factor, the user-interface, the extant 150K+ apps ready to go, the iBook Store, the provocative price-points, and Apple’s legendarily elegant industrial design and marketing prowess.

One would have to be a fool to bet against the iPad’s game-changing success.

Only one thing has irked my ire in regard to the iPad:

  1. 3-month wait

Oh, well, maybe also the name. Steve, call me next time you need to brainstorm product names, ok?