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Apple Will Reveal iPhone 14 in September

Apple Will Reveal iPhone 14 in September

Several online sources have confirmed that Apple will hold an event on Wednesday, September 7, at which the iPhone 14 will be unveiled.

This is a departure from Apple’s typical Tuesday iPhone events. This is likely due to Labor Day falling on that Monday.

It is still unknown whether IOS 16 will be ready to release at the September event. This week, Apple released the 6th beta of IOS 16 which included mostly bug fixes and minor maintenance improvements.

(Image credit: Front Page Tech / Ian Zelbo)
The Promise of the Pi Network

The Promise of the Pi Network

There’s a new digital currency just out that has some very interesting aspects.

It’s the first crypto currency that can be mined on your phone. That’s right, you can earn Pi now by adding the app to your phone (iPhone and Android) and letting it run. The other astonishing thing about Pi is that it is very energy efficient and will not drain your phone’s battery.

You can start earning Pi coins now by going to this link Pi Network, download the app, and use “pkamm” for your invitation code.

iPhone X, another Apple Fail

iPhone X, another Apple Fail

How many utter failures does it take for Apple to realize it is on the wrong path?

iPhone X:

  • No Home button: Fail
  • Redesigned User Interface: Fail
  • Facial Recognition: Fail
  • Price: Fail

The camera is good. Add image stabilization to the telephoto camera on the iPhone 8 and I’m happy.

Apple, you’ve lost your way. And soon, you will lose your base. Be very careful how you navigate these waters in the next few years lest you begin to lose major market share. Pay attention!