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Apple’s iPhone OS: It’s No Flash in the Pan

Anyone still out there that doesn’t yet realize that Apple has become quite savvy about design, development, marketing and business strategy, is clearly brain-dead.

Apple’s new developer agreement stipulates that “applications that link to documented APIs through an intermediary translation or compatibility layer or tool are prohibited.” That pretty much means that Flash is prohibited as a development tool for the iPhone/iPod/iPad. This takes much of the wind out of Adobe’s CS5 announcement and the Packager for iPhone tool.

It’s clear that Apple will no longer tether itself to any technology that may impede (or potentially impede) it’s innovation and growth. Apple may lose a few developers, but even the angriest of developers here know that this loss will be insignificant to Apple.

It’s projected that by the end of this year, there will be more than 100 million iPhone OS devices in the wild. If you are running a content site that doesn’t support this OS, there are 100 million reasons why you may be out of work.

Flash’s days are numbered… HTML5 will be the final nail in the coffin.

Creating Posts on my iPhone

Mobile blogging with my iPhone is possible, and easy, with the WordPress iPhone app. It’s a free application that makes blogging from your iPhone as easy as text messaging.

Google’s Goog-411

Goog_411It’s been around for awhile now, but I don’t see much mention of it. GOOG-411 is a great 411 service that is free and convenient.

From any phone you dial 1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411), when you connect to the system you say out loud the city and state. Then you say the name of the business or the business type. The system quickly returns the top listings, letting you choose one. Then it automatically dials the number for you.

Like most of Google’s services, it’s simple, elegant and very useful. GOOG-411 is on my iPhone’s favorites and is a service I use often.

For more information, check out their site and the quick video: GOOG-411

3G iPhone in June?

Several sites are now reporting that Apple will launch the 3G iPhone sometime in June, 2008.

This is really no a great surprise since rumors of the 3G iPhone have been around since before the last iPhone release. The interesting buzz is about the possibility that AT&T may offer subsidies of as much as $200 on this phone for a two-year contract. If that’s the case, this would bring the 8GB down to $199 and the 16GB down to $299.

The other buzz is that the new phones will have a slightly different form factor. Early rumors suggested the phone would be slightly thicker. But more recent rumors suggest the new iPhones will be 9.2mm thick, compared to the current 11.7mm thickness. So, I guess this means that they’ll either be thicker or thinner. Such is the nature of rumors.

Unfortunately, I just bought my 16GB iPhone a few months ago. So. I’ll not likely be getting one of these next generation iPhones this year. Perhaps it’s better to first hear reports of the 3G network,

TuneWiki, Synchronized Lyrics For Your iPhone

The first iPhone application I’d like to highlight is a whimsical one.

TuneWiki is a free and easy to use music player that allows you to play songs from your iTune library on an iPhone or Touch and see synchronized lyrics. I’m not a particularly big fan of karaoke, but TuneWiki essentailly turn your iPhone/Touch into a portable karaoke player.

My interest in this application stems more from sometimes wanting to know the lyrics to a particular song while I’m listening to it. Also, this strikes me as an interesting and good use of a wiki community. The TuneWiki wiki site has announced that the Universal Music Publishing Group has granted the wiki community permission to legally view all of the Universal Music Publishing catalog of North America.

Check it out: TuneWiki

Jailbreak and Unlock Your iPhone?

Development for the iPhone has really taken off since Apple’s release of the SDK (Software Developer Kit). However, if you’d like to take advantage of developers who have released applications for the iPhone not officially blessed by Apple, you may want to Jailbreak your iPhone. And, if you’d like to use your iPhone with a service other than ATT, you may want to unlock it.

Fortunately, there is a relatively easy way to do this. The good folks over at iJailbreak have created a cool little installer that does all the work for you. It about 3 minutes to both jailbreak and unlock your iPhone. Once done, you’ll notice the addition of an Installer icon on your iPhone.

Click on this icon to enter the installer, where you can intsall, uninstall, and update a large collection of applications for your iPhone.

The list of available applications is huge, and growing.

In future posts, I will begin to review some of my favorite third party applications.

Also noteworthy, iJailbreak will unlock your phone. Although I haven’t tested this myself, there are numerous reports from folks who have successfully used the iPhone with non-ATT services.