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MacBook Pro Battery Life

MacBook Pro Battery Life

It appears that Apple’s estimates for battery life for the new MacBook Pros were overstated. Instead of the claimed 10-hour battery life, it appears that the true battery life is closer to 5 hours.

Many new MacBook Pro owners are now unhappy.

In an earlier post, I expressed how unimpressed I was with the TouchBar in terms of functionality and usefulness. It turns out that the TouchBar is also partially responsible for the reduced battery life in terms of power consumption and displaced space for a larger battery.

Apple must become more transparent about it’s shortcomings if they are to keep their customer-base. I think they must also better understand value. The $2,800 entry-point for the 15″ MacBook Pro is a pricey proposition for a laptop that will hold a charge for only 5 hours.

Let’s hope Apple can quickly relearn how to be more in sync with the fans.

New MacBook Pro: A Whole Lot of Finger Dragging

New MacBook Pro: A Whole Lot of Finger Dragging

Apple just introduced a new line of MacBook Pros with more power, a Touch Bar, and some hefty prices.

I am not impressed.

I’ve never much liked the whole concept of a touch pad. I’ve always found them unintuitive and inconvenient. If I want to use my fingers on a surface, I want that surface to be the display itself. Dragging my fingers across a metal plate is not a confidence-inspiring experience. And now, dragging my fingers across a narrow bar, awkwardly placed at the top of a keyboard, is even less desirable.

Since the introduction of the Apple Watch, I began to lose confidence in Apple’s design team. The dismal sales of the Apple Watch should’ve been a clue that their design team has lost it’s way. Has Jony Ive run out of good ideas?

Unfortunately, the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pros looks to be another gimmick, much like the Apple Watch. There is some indication that Apple may subconsciously know this since they are offering one model without the Touch Bar.

I appreciate the smaller size and more powerful architecture, but that is about all I can appreciate about this new lineup of MacBook Pros.

Disruptive Tech, Bitcoin, and a New Order

BitcoinI’ve spent the holiday time off doing a deep-dive into the disruptive technology of Bitcoin and the underlying techonlogy.

From what I can see, Bitcoin is quickly becoming a profoundly disruptive technology. Actually, it’s not really specifically Bitcoin itself. Digital currencies, and even cryptocurrencies, have been around for a number of years. The real interesting technology is in the Blockchain platform that is the core of Bitcoin. A trusted, decentralized, system of checks and balances (i.e., a trusted ledger of activity) has the potential of reorganizing our social and governing structures in unprecedented ways.

The disease of traditional opaque and hierarchical structures has reached a breaking point. Too many so-called leaders are spewing tired academic papers and regurgitating old-school slogans and memes from like-minded leaders in the stagnant academy. For these withered minds, innovation is merely some new fork of an existing traditional approach. They continue to compete with each other, with false smiles, for recognition in a dying and increasingly competitive environment. They continue to attempt to micro-manage with hidden agendas, from fear and insecurity. They continue to destroy any creativity and innovation.

Nothing produces a wretched tyrant like a disconnected, insecure, and socially awkward leader.

The good news is that Bitcoin demonstrates the best of the disruptive technologies. For example, it has huge potential to become a game-changing way for 3rd world citizens to participate and benefit in a world-wide P2P banking system. It also has the potential for becoming a secured platform for voting. This has profound implications for the democratization of world systems.

This same concept has the very immediate potential to disrupt existing diseased organizations by removing ineffective leaders and giving back some power to innovative, creative teams who do the real work in agile organizations.

These are large and deeply important concepts for our world in the next few years. I urge you to look closely!

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

I’m excited about Apple’s new iPhone 6. I will probably upgrade my iPhone 4s in a few weeks when they become available. I’m not sure about the iPhone 6 Plus. I don’t think I want to be carrying around a small iPad mini in pocket.

I am especially excited about the new 8MP camera with an f/2.2 aperture and the ability to capture 1080p HD and 60-fps and 240-fps for slow motion video. (I wish the 240-fps worked at 1080p, but sadly it’s only at 720p.) I am also eager to see how well the video stabilization works.

The disappointment for me today was the Apple Watch.

I’m not sure that this is really a market that Apple will be able to revolutionize with this watch. I’ve become quite comfortable not wearing a watch and relying on my ever-present iPhone for time and everything else. The fact that you need an iPhone for the watch to be useful just strikes me as Apple just not thinking through the reality of how people will use the devices.

I think there is a market for wearable health monitoring devices, but I think something more like the $100 Fitbit is the way to go. I can’t think of even one of my friends or family that will spend $350 for a watch that needs an iPhone to be useful.

If Apple’s stock price is any indication, there are other people out there with similar reservations about this direction for Apple. I doubt that Steve Jobs would have released this Apple Watch on his watch.

Mac Sage Redesign

Mac Sage Redesign

It’s finally happening!

I can no longer neglect the very real need for this website to be redesigned. I have always been a big fan of very simple and clean design that puts an emphasis on the content. I still have this belief. However, I am also a big fan of beauty. I think this website could be more beautiful.

So, over the next week or so, you’ll be seeing the transformation of in terms of the design and usability.

You may also notice that the content subject areas will be broadened over the next year. I will still bring you great posts on Apple hardware and software and peripherals. But I will also sprinkle in posts about technology and arts. I may also begin to add other voices to the posts. There are a number of folks that have expressed an interest in writing guest posts. For the first time, I may begin to integrate guest posts.

I am open to other ideas as well, so feel free to comment or contact me directly.

Thanks for your patience during the exciting evolution!


UPDATE: Sunday, April 7, 2013

Well, after spending most of Saturday customizing the new theme, the initial redesign of is complete.

I still have some tinkering to do, but nothing that should be too disruptive. Thanks for all the messages of encouragement!