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Bitcoin T-Shirt

Bitcoin T-Shirt

Yes, you too could have your very own Bitcoin HODL t-shirt. It comes in a variety of color to celebrate Bitcoin in any way you wish. Get one for each day.

As Bitcoin continues to enjoy market domination, these Bitcoin t-shirts are likely to become very popular.


The Promise of the Pi Network

The Promise of the Pi Network

There’s a new digital currency just out that has some very interesting aspects.

It’s the first crypto currency that can be mined on your phone. That’s right, you can earn Pi now by adding the app to your phone (iPhone and Android) and letting it run. The other astonishing thing about Pi is that it is very energy efficient and will not drain your phone’s battery.

You can start earning Pi coins now by going to this link Pi Network, download the app, and use “pkamm” for your invitation code.

This Time Apple Really Screwed The Pooch

This Time Apple Really Screwed The Pooch

Apple’s general practices and products have been deteriorating now for many years.

But this time they’ve been caught red-handed intentionally slowing down older iPhone performance with their updates and without telling customers what they were doing. Apple claims it was doing this to protect the consumer from iPhones with weakening batteries that may fail altogether. Really Apple? That’s the best you could come up with?

Apple now has a huge PR problem on their hands. But as bad as the PR problem is and will become, it will likely be dwarfed by the legal trouble ahead for Apple. The intentional and secretive slowing down of iPhone performance can be seen as doing direct harm iPhone users. There are already several lawsuits in the works, and I imagine there will be several more to come.

Will Apple begin to learn the lesson here? I doubt it.

iPhone X, another Apple Fail

iPhone X, another Apple Fail

How many utter failures does it take for Apple to realize it is on the wrong path?

iPhone X:

  • No Home button: Fail
  • Redesigned User Interface: Fail
  • Facial Recognition: Fail
  • Price: Fail

The camera is good. Add image stabilization to the telephoto camera on the iPhone 8 and I’m happy.

Apple, you’ve lost your way. And soon, you will lose your base. Be very careful how you navigate these waters in the next few years lest you begin to lose major market share. Pay attention!

Apple’s Failures Are Becoming Too Numerous To Ignore

Apple’s Failures Are Becoming Too Numerous To Ignore

The introduction of the Apple Watch in 2014 was the first indication after the death of Jobs that Apple had lost it’s way.

Most agree now that the Apple Watch is a failure. In the same fashion, the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro is proving to be a failure. And now, we will eventually see the iPhone 8 and iPhone X become flash-in-the-pan failures too. The cameras are impressive, but not for the price points. Apple has become arrogant, sloppy, and almost mundane now.

But Apple’s greatest violation is it’s fascist approach to the ecosphere it creates around it’s hardware and software. Like Google and FaceBook, it handcuffs it’s users at every point of contact. It really gets in the way of doing simple tasks.

Unfortunately, we’ve come to a point where we need a new “Apple” to emerge to once again democratize technology for the folk.

I think it is still possible for this type of tech to appear. The current success of Bitcoin is a beacon of that vision in the technosphere.