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atv-bootloaderI’ve written several post here on how to hack your Apple TV to allow FTP access and open up a wide range of useful and fun apps. Back then, the process was more complicated and involved several steps. But things have changed.

There is now a very easy way to hack your Apple TV and not only allow FTP access, but also give you the ability to watch TV from Hulu. This is quite cool.

The first thing you do is download atvusb-creator from this site: The instructions on this page are simple and easy. This software will create all the necessary installation files onto a 1GB or larger USB flash drive.

Once your flash drive is created, you simply plug it into the USB port on the back of your Apple TV and reboot. The installation takes a few minutes. Then you reboot the Apple TV again.

One of the many things that are installed is Boxee. As their site says: “on a laptop or connected to an HDTV, boxee gives you a true entertainment experience to enjoy your movies, TV shows, music and photos, as well as streaming content from services like Netflix, MTV, Pandora and flickr.”

I highly recommend this hack and Boxee.

Update: See this article for recent devlopments in Apple TV hacking: Apple TV Hack Redux