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Several sites are now reporting that Apple will launch the 3G iPhone sometime in June, 2008.

This is really no a great surprise since rumors of the 3G iPhone have been around since before the last iPhone release. The interesting buzz is about the possibility that AT&T may offer subsidies of as much as $200 on this phone for a two-year contract. If that’s the case, this would bring the 8GB down to $199 and the 16GB down to $299.

The other buzz is that the new phones will have a slightly different form factor. Early rumors suggested the phone would be slightly thicker. But more recent rumors suggest the new iPhones will be 9.2mm thick, compared to the current 11.7mm thickness. So, I guess this means that they’ll either be thicker or thinner. Such is the nature of rumors.

Unfortunately, I just bought my 16GB iPhone a few months ago. So. I’ll not likely be getting one of these next generation iPhones this year. Perhaps it’s better to first hear reports of the 3G network,