Video Chow: A New Video Learning Series

Video Chow seriesThe tagline is: “Free WordPress video tips delivered to your face.”

The folks at WordPress Advantage have created a new video series called Video Chow, which delivers short, rapid-fire videos on focused topics.

I’ve always been a big fan of video tutorials. But I find the pace of most of them just too slow. Even the fine video tutorials at are often too slow. In fact, one strategy I’ve developed for watching these videos is to double the speed. The only problem with this approach is that the resulting “chipmunk” voice becomes tiresome after 20-minutes or so.

The videos in the Video Chow series are not slow. Most videos are between 1-3 minutes, and cover the nugget of the topic. Many of the videos are about WordPress tips and tricks, or very specific methods for achieving a very focused goal. Many of the videos are about particular WordPress plugins.

The videos are free, and the library of video topics is growing weekly.

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