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TimeMachine Issues

One of the nicest features of Leopard is TimeMachine, the automated backup system which is built into the Leopard OS. However, there seem to be a number of issues and snags with TimeMachine. I had a heck of a time getting TimeMachine to make it's initial backup to a...

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Leopard Security – Still An Issue

The QuickTime vulnerability originally reported on November 15 seems to have been spotted in the wild. This is not good news. Apple made a decision to change the firewall settings in Leopard, provoking some serious questions about the security of this new OS. This...

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Retrieve Emptied Trash Items

If you folks have Leopard, then you should be using TimeMachine to safeguard against losing files to corruption or emptied trash. But if you have not yet installed Leopard, or are simply not using TimeMachine, and you find yourself wishing you could undelete an...

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First Leopard Update (10.5.1) Released

The rumors of a Leoaprd update last week proved true today. Apple released 10.5.1 updates for both OS X abd OS X Server today. The list of improvements is long: OS X 10.5.1 Update Hopefully this update will improve TimeMachines handling my 320GB SimpleTech...

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Leopard Firewall Off By Default

The casual user of Apple's new operating system, Leopard, may not be aware that unlike in Tiger, the firewall is off by default. To turn it on, you'll need to go to System Preferences/Security/Firewall tab. This is a new interface which lets you specify firewall...

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Gmail IMAP and Mail

Google has now made IMAP an available option for their gMail account holders. Now you can synchronize it with a desktop mail client like OS X's Mail. This is especially nice for folks who travel and would like to have their mail folders available via Mail wherever...

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Move To Leopard Could Prove Troublesome

As the debut of Apple's latest operating system nears, the rumblings about incompatibilities and problems increases. Although the new features are impressive, the problems and barriers to easy upgrade for exiting Tiger users is making quick adoption more difficult....

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Mac OS X Leopard With 300 New Features

Apple has officially announced their ship date for Leopard along with some 300 new features that will be included in the new operating system. Apple also exposed the system requirements for Leopard: General requirements Mac computer with an Intel, PowerPC G5, or...

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Leopard Due Last Week of October

If Apple keeps with its pattern of new releases, Leopard should be released to the public on the last Friday of the month (Oct. 26). Tiger was released April 2005 on Friday, April 29. After the initial 4-month delay in Leopard, what's a few more weeks? As long as this

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iTunes 7.4 Does Ringtones Well; 7.4.1 Does Not

Apple has quickly closed the door on a very nice ringtone hack for iTunes and the iPhone. If you've upgraded to iTunes 7.4 to supply ringtones to your iPhone, think twice before upgrading again to Apple's latest 7.4.1 upgrade for iTunes. Apparently, simply changing...

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