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Jailbreak and Unlock Your iPhone?

Development for the iPhone has really taken off since Apple's release of the SDK (Software Developer Kit). However, if you'd like to take advantage of developers who have released applications for the iPhone not officially blessed by Apple, you may want to Jailbreak...

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The iPhone Has Landed

I did it. I bought one. I have been feeling angst about buying the iPhone since before they were introduced. It just seemed like too much money. But when Apple announced the 16GB iPhone, along with the promise of the SDK for developers, I decided to go ahead and get...

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16GB iPhone

I'm vexed. I'm consternated. I'm flummoxed. I was hugely disappointed by Apple's failure to announce anything substantial about the iPhone at MacWorld 2008. (OK, some of the new software was kind of cool.) But now, Apple is announcing more memory for the high-end...

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Humorous Vista News

MicroSoft is taking a beating on this dog they call an operating system. With so much widespread disappointment, it's not clear that Vista will gain much traction in the future. Apparently, Balmer wants to blame piracy for poor sales of Vista. This news story has some...

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MacWorld 2008 Live Keynote Coverage

I will be providing my observations and picks from this year's MacWorld Expo. But I will not be providing live coverage of the Keynote by Jobs. For that, try the following sites: MacRumors MacDailyNews GizModo Arstechnica MacFormat TUAW Engadget Check back here later...

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Using TimeMachine with a Network Device

I am loving Leopard and have found very few snafus since installing it almost 2 months ago. One of the great features in Leopard is the automated backup software called TimeMachine. Like many busy computer users, I am quite lax about doing backups on a regular basis....

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3 MacWorld 2008 Rumors and Predictions

There are a fair number of predictions this year for MacWorld Expo 2008. They begin each year in December, then reach a fever pitch in the weeks before the expo. I won't go over all of the predictions and rumors I've come across, but I will offer here a few of the...

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MacBook Tablet Finally Shipping

The Axiotron Modbook was originally announced almost a year ago at MacWorld Expo 2007. At that time, this after-market hardware modification, done by a team of German and American engineers, created quite a buzz. This mod is built primarily for mobile users, artists,...

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More Blather from ZDNet and Dignan

It's pretty well known by now that ZDNet is the CNN of tech reporting. Basically, they're one big infomercial for the highest bidder. I usually don't bother with these things. But Dignan's posting of December 18 is a really good example of yet another MicroSoft...

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Pile of Patches for Leopard and Tiger

Apple just released a big old pile of patches for the security-burdened Leopard and Tiger operating systems. Among the addressed problems:   Address Book Impact: Visiting a maliciously crafted website may lead to an unexpected application termination or arbitrary code...

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