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Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Apple announced OS X 10.6 named Snow Leopard as more of a performance release rather than a feature release. Some of the announced changes include a smaller footprint (giving back some hard drive space), Microsoft Exchange support, extended 64-bit support to allow a...

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Google’s Goog-411

It's been around for awhile now, but I don't see much mention of it. GOOG-411 is a great 411 service that is free and convenient. From any phone you dial 1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411), when you connect to the system you say out loud the city and state. Then you say...

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iTunes Store Phishing Scam

It appears that identity theft has hit Apple's iTunes store. ComputerWorld is reporting in their article Phishers point scam at Apple's iTunes that some people are receiving email messages telling them that a problem must be corrected in their iTunes account. The...

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3G iPhone in June?

Several sites are now reporting that Apple will launch the 3G iPhone sometime in June, 2008. This is really no a great surprise since rumors of the 3G iPhone have been around since before the last iPhone release. The interesting buzz is about the possibility that AT&T...

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The Mac’s Momentum in the Business World

The cover story on last week's Business Week was about the Mac's growing presence in the corporate world. While this trend is not particularly surprising to most seasoned Mac users, it's notable for the fact that Apple has spent very little resources directly...

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Maintaining Mac OS X

As most of you know, the Mac OS is a UNIX-based operating system. UNIX systems have a way of maintaining themselves through scheduled maintenance routines that clean up a variety of system logs and temporary files. These automated scripts generally run in the wee...

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Accessing Local Files on Apple TV

Note: Please see a more recent post on Apple TV hacks. ATVFiles is an application (or plugin) that lets you browse part of the ATV file system using the Apple Remote. This allows you to navigate to files that do not normally sync to the ATV. ATVFiles allows you to...

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Browse The Web on Apple TV

Update 12-11-10: Also see this post on hacking AppleTV with a patchstick. Note: Please see a more recent post on Apple TV hacks Once SSH is enabled on your Apple TV, the world is your oyster. Note: These steps assume that you've already enabled SSH on your Apple TV...

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Hacking The Apple TV To Enable SSH

Note: Please see a more recent post on Apple TV hacks. After lots of research and some experimenting, I have finally hacked my Apple TV. I read about the several ways to hack the Apple TV by cracking the case and pulling out the hard drive, but I didn't want to go...

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TuneWiki, Synchronized Lyrics For Your iPhone

The first iPhone application I'd like to highlight is a whimsical one. TuneWiki is a free and easy to use music player that allows you to play songs from your iTune library on an iPhone or Touch and see synchronized lyrics. I'm not a particularly big fan of karaoke,...

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