How To Produce An eBook With Pages – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I detailed the process of creating an eBook (in the ePub format) using Apple’s Pages application. In this Part 2, I will quickly go over some considerations when inserting audio and video files into your eBook. The large majority of eBook platforms read the EPub format, which is an open standard announced by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) in 2007. (It should be noted that Amazon’s Kindle reader does not read the EPub format.) Apple’s Pages application can create eBooks in the EPub format quite easily (see Part 1 of this series.) While […]

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Apple Pages

How To Produce An eBook With Pages – Part 1

Note: Part 2 of this series covers adding sound and video files to your ebook. Ebooks are now a common part of our digital landscape. This year promises to bring a significant increase in the number of choices of tablet-like mobile devices. This is likely to only add to the astonishing growth in ebook consumption. But ebook consumption isn’t the only area that is likely to experience tremendous growth this year. It appears that ebook production has arrived for the common man/woman. There are many advantages of this type of self-publishing for both business and educational folk alike: relatively low […]

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Top 5 Reasons Business Owners Should Consider WordPress

WordPress is no secret in the blogging world. What may be less known is how great WordPress is as a content management system for regular business sites. Why Use WordPress To Create A Website? In my several years of working with business owners to create websites, I’ve encountered two very typical scenarios. The first scenario is the do-it-yourself business owner who learns just enough HTML to cobble together a website either from scratch or from some template or theme-based site. Typically, the website is just adequate, and maybe not quite as professional looking as expected. “But it’s just temporary until […]

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Apple TV Hack Redux

Although I have heard good things about Apple’s new AppleTV, I have yet to buy one for myself. The reason for this is simple. I have a first-generation AppleTV and still find it to be quite functional. In fact, I prefer to have the luxury of built-in storage. Sometimes I prefer to turn on my TV and just start listening to my music library or watch from my movie library without having to get up and go turn on another streaming device. The latest AppleTV OS (3.02) is still hackable with the ATVUSB-creator patchstick (version 1.0.b13). This patchstick can be […]

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What’s Your Frequency? The Power of Binaural Beats

This post is a deviation from my usual blather. But I hope you enjoy it anyway. Some Background I have long suffered from depression. I have been prescribed a broad range of pharmaceutical “solutions” that ultimately proved to be ineffective or so fraught with nasty side-effects that I’ve abandoned them. I’ve also fallen into some of the more self-destructive forms of self-medication. I can sometimes battle this ailment with a regular dose of sunshine and exercise, but this isn’t a reliable solution. In the past several months, I have been researching and exploring an approach that is a little like […]

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