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Combining QuickTime Movies

I'm beginning to work more with movie files, especially 15-30 second snippets captured from a still camera. If you've collected a large number of these, it can be a tedious task to concatenate these into one QuickTime file for editing. I found this AppleScript code at...

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Opensource Mac Software

Free and opensource software is good for us all, even those who don't use it. That's because it encourages the commercial software makers to pay attention to the quality of their product. This is one of the best Mac opensource resources I have come across. Please use...

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Running Windows Applications without Windows

I love my intel-Mac. The performance in OS X is excellent. I did install WindowsXP via Parallels on it too, and I am quite pleased with it's performance on the occasions when I must run Windows. But the truth is that I don't ever really want to run Windows. There's...

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Convert Word 2007 XML Documents

If you work with folks who already have Office 2007 (Windows) and are sending you their Word documents to work on, you may need to convert the .docx (XML) in order to work on it in Word 2004 (Mac). Go here to get the converter: Word...

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Adobe CS3 and Firewall

For folks installing or upgrading to Adobe's CS3, beware that installation of the Adobe Version Cue CS3 turns off your firewall and leaves it in that state. It seems that a new rule is added to the firewall settings allowing TCP access to ports 3703, 3704, 50900 and...

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Online File Conversion

There are a number of sites now offering online video conversion. Some work better than others. However, this is the first site I've come across that has an impressive array of video conversion formats, as well as document, image, and music formats. Like many of these...

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Smarter iTunes Shuffle

I've never had the patience to go through my entire iTunes library and rate each song. But often I've wished I could play a party shuffle with my favorites. I have created particular mixes, but unless I change these mixes often, the same songs play. AutoRate is...

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MacLockPick: Friend or Foe?

As our privacy rights are continually eroded in this country, we'll probably begin seeing more applications like this one making an appearance. Although MacLockPick is supposedly not for sale to the general public (only licensed law-enforcement may purchase the...

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OS X Security Expert’s Advice

As a long-time Mac and OS X fan, it's painful to admit. But truth is truth, and folks should know. Apparently, the good people at the CanSec West security conference offered a $10,000.00 prize for anyone able to hack into a Mac running OS X. Well, someone (Dino Dai...

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