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Crazy Apple Market

  That is some crazy jumpin' around, if you ask me. It seems that the market is generally quite volatile these days. Apple's iPhone has had a good response from consumers and the projections for sales in 2008 are quite hopeful. iPod sales are still strong, and even...

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iPhone Almost Here

The iPhone hype is reaching a feverish pitch now that we're counting the hours before the official release. Apple has posted the rateplans for the iPhone. The good news is that current AT&T customers can keep their existing plans and add the iPhone Data Plan...

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Drawing Fun With Scribble

And now for something completely different! I am a bite leery about such terms as "Web 2.0" and the "semantic web" and such, mostly because they are more-often-than-not ambiguous marketing terms. However, I am fond of the idea of web-based applications. It makes a lot...

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SEO and Analytics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and data analytics seem to be the focus of monetized sites these days. Knowing who comes to your site, how long they stay, from whence they come, and how they navigate through your site is valuable information. There are many...

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Safari 3 beta Has Problems

Well, yes, it's beta software. But news of bugs and some vulnerabilities is making for some heated discussions at some of the popular forums like SlashDot. The news has apparently gained some traction in the business community, as APPL dropped by almost $4 a share in...

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Leopard To Use ZFS Filesystem

Looks like Sun's CEO, Jonathan Schwartz, has spilled the beans on Leopard's file system. According to this article at ComputerWorld, Apple will be using Sun's open-source ZFS (Zettabyte File System) file system. If true, replacing the current HFS+ file system with ZFS...

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Making Money Online

Everywhere you look there are sites promoting the great wealth and riches of creating an online business. One that I seem to come across often is Mark Warren's site. From the testimonials on his site, it appears that he's making several people rich. What is behind it...

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Free Online Storage With Gmail And gDisk

Online storage sites are popping up everywhere. It shouldn't be too hard to find a free online storage site that offers up to 500MB of free space for file storage. But, for Mac users with a Gmail account, there's another possibly better solution. gDisk turns your...

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Apple Stock Target Boosted To $150

Morgan Stanley has boosted Apple's stock (AAPL) to a target price of $150 per share. This is good news to Apple shareholders. In fact, the last 4 days of trading have shown an $8 per share increase in the stock value. This is probably due to Apple's new DRM-free music...

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