New Host For MacSage

It’s been a rough start!

Hosts never really want to make migration to another host easy. was no exception. After realizing that Bluehost had reduced performance on my website servers to the point of an average load time of 15 seconds, I just couldn’t accept it anymore. I had made repeated attempts with tech support to improve this poor performance. Each time, after denying the performance numbers over and over again, they finally conceded that their specifications allowed for a 11 second load time and that my 15 second load time was due to poor management of resources on my website.

Bluehost stated that an 11 second load time for websites on their servers is acceptable. (!)

So I’ve moved to A2hosting.

Unfortunately, my move happened to coincide with a DDos attack that was occurring on their servers. So it took me over 48 hours before I could completely migrate my website to their servers and get everything running properly. This was an extremely frustrating process. I’ve been assured by the helpful techs on A2hosting chat that I will be compensated for this downtime/outage.

I will report here on that outcome.

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