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Cyber Monday has arrived!

There are a crazy number of real and not-so-real deals out there. When it comes deals on Apple products, as always, it will be limited. Apple keeps a fairly tight control on discounting.

Amazon remains a reliable place for finding some deals. Here are a few I’ve found for Apple products:

Apple Watch

Apple MacBook Retina Display 12″

13″ Apple MacBook

15.4″ Apple MacBook

Apple iPhone 7 (unlocked) 32GB

You also may want to check CamelCamelCamel to track deals at Amazon.

Website Hosting?

Just in case you’ve been thinking about creating a website of your own, Cyber Monday happens to be an especially good day to register a domain and get very inexpensive hosting: as low as $1.95/month. That’s a steal! Grab that rate by clicking here.