Cyber Monday 2016


Cyber Monday has arrived! There are a crazy number of real and not-so-real deals out there. When it comes deals on Apple products, as always, it will be limited. Apple keeps a fairly tight control on discounting. Amazon remains a reliable place for finding some deals. Here are a few I've found for Apple products: Apple Watch Apple MacBook Retina Display 12" 13" Apple MacBook 15.4" Apple MacBook Apple iPhone 7 (unlocked) 32GB You also may want to check CamelCamelCamel to track deals at Amazon. Website Hosting? Just in case you've been thinking about creating a website of your own, Cyber Monday happens to be an … [Read more...]

New MacBook Pro: A Whole Lot of Finger Dragging


Apple just introduced a new line of MacBook Pros with more power, a Touch Bar, and some hefty prices. I am not impressed. I've never much liked the whole concept of a touch pad. I've always found them unintuitive and inconvenient. If I want to use my fingers on a surface, I want that surface to be the display itself. Dragging my fingers across a metal plate is not a confidence-inspiring experience. And now, dragging my fingers across a narrow bar, awkwardly placed at the top of a keyboard, is even less desirable. Since the introduction of the Apple Watch, I began to lose confidence in Apple's design team. The dismal sales of the … [Read more...]

iPhone 7 … meh


Not really much to say about the iPhone 7. Mostly same design with some water resistance and a really annoying inconvenience with headphone jack removal. (Ive, you're either no longer in charge of design or you've lost your touch.) The camera is better and the battery life is slightly better, but I'd say skip this version unless you in line for a free upgrade. Next... … [Read more...]

New Host For MacSage

It's been a rough start! Hosts never really want to make migration to another host easy. was no exception. After realizing that Bluehost had reduced performance on my website servers to the point of an average load time of 15 seconds, I just couldn't accept it anymore. I had made repeated attempts with tech support to improve this poor performance. Each time, after denying the performance numbers over and over again, they finally conceded that their specifications allowed for a 11 second load time and that my 15 second load time was due to poor management of resources on my website. Bluehost stated that an 11 second load … [Read more...]

Bitcoin on the Rise


As I write, Bitcoin is north of $730. I'm guessing this has something to do with the fact that Bitcoin will be halving sometime early next month. This means that Bitcoin is becoming rarer. There is also some speculation about debt in China driving their investments towards alternative options. Buckle up! This is going to be quite a ride! … [Read more...]

Apple is Absent from NAB 2016


It appears that Apple has decided that they are so big and important that they don't need to go to events like MacWorld and NAB. Apple was absent at the recent NAB 2016. Presumably, the reasoning is that they can schedule and host their own events, stream them live and generate a huge online draw. This reasoning may be true for products like the iPhone or iPad, but I think it begins to fall apart when it comes to the video production space. Final Cut Pro X is not a dominant factor in the video editing space. Most of the workshops and workflows this year were including Adobe's Premiere and After Effects. In fact, I attended two workshops … [Read more...]